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“The North Dakota Department of Health is responsible for assuring that emergency poison management services and poison prevention information is provided to the citizens of the State of North Dakota.”

Emergency Poison Management is provided by the Hennepin Regional Poison Center (HRPC) located at the Hennepin County Medical center in Minneapolis. The service is provided through a national toll-free number accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  HRPC is certified as a Regional Poison Control Center by the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

Poison Prevention activities are provided by the North Dakota Department of Health, Injury Prevention Program.

Your state’s poison center cooperates with other poison centers in the region to form the “Midwest Regional Poison Interest Group” (MR PIG)

Your state’s poison center belongs to the “American Association of Poison Control Centers” (AAPCC) This organization represents the poison centers on national issues and facilitates the national phone number 1-800-222-1222 along with the Poison Help Network.

Mission Statement and Summary

"The mission of the North Dakota Poison Center is to assure that all residents and medical professionals have access to high quality and cost effective human poison information and treatment services. This is achieved through maintaining a strong, full service regional poison center that provides poison information and treatment guidelines, community education aimed at prevention of poisoning episodes, clinically based educations for health professionals, needed toxicology based research, and provision or support of other community services."


For North Dakota, calls to the national poison control phone number, 1-800-222-1222 are answered by the Hennepin Regional Poison Control Center in Minneapolis. In 2011, the Hennepin Regional Poison Center consulted on approximately 59,380 exposures and provided poison, drug or medical information to an additional 9,224 callers. Forty-three percent of the exposures involved children aged 5 years or younger. More than 92% of the exposures were safely managed at home reducing unwarranted and expensive emergency room and urgent care visits. National studies have shown that for every dollar spent on poison control services around $11 in saved in unnecessary health care costs.

Data showed that North Dakotans called the center 5,073 times in 2011. Eighty-nine percent of the calls were for exposure and 11% were information/education calls. The majority of the exposure calls came from private residences and 56% of them involved children less than six years of age. Eighty-three percent of the exposure calls were for unintentional poisonings.

The substances most typically involved in exposures reported to the system include the following: Medications (over the counter and prescription), household cleaners and chemicals, cosmetics and personal care products and plants.

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